Monday, 3 May 2010


Male Artist of the Year
Daddy Owen

Acceptance Quote: “I thank God because this is a miracle”

Album Of The Year
System Ya Kapungala - Daddy Owen

Acceptance Quote: “Oh my goodness. An artiste called me to tell me that for the first time he has heard three songs from one album getting heavy rotation.”

Song Of The Year

Kiriro - Daddy Owen feat Allan Aaron & Kerah

Video Of The Year
Kiriro - Daddy Owen ft. Allan Aaron, Kerah

Collabo Of The Year
Kiriro - Daddy Owen ft. Allan Aaron, Kerah

Central Song Of The Year

Kiriro - Daddy Owen ft, Allan Aaron, Kerah

Female Artist of the Year
Emmy Kosgei

Acceptance Quote: “The Kasangas played a part in bringing up my ministry while Esther (Wahome) mentored me and specifically pushed me to sing in my mother tongue”

Group Of The Year
Wernono Family

Acceptance Quote: “There is a joke among us that we always get nominated but never win. We give the God the glory.”

New Artist / Group Of The Year
Eko Dydda

Acceptance Quote: “Sisemi Kitu. I thank God.”

Worship Song Of The Year
Wewe Pekee - Alice Kamande

Hip-Hop Song Of The Year
Niko Na Reason - Holy Dave & Eko Dydda

Acceptance Quote: Holy Dave “In 1998 I had a dream and my brother supported me . I did not think I would meet my boy, someone we have little in common.”

Audio Producer Of The Year
Dr. Eddie

Video Producer Of The Year
Mike Olome (Sakata)

Acceptance Quote: “The more words you speak the less they mean. Thank you.”

Song Writer Of The Year


Acceptance Quote:
“Ati I have to say thanks. When we wrote ‘Tunadara pages za Bible’ people thought we did not know what we were doing. But we read the bible first and got inspiration from God.”
Another popular quote “Ka si sisi ni nani?”

Dance Group Of The Year

Acceptance Quote: “We lack words…to God be the glory”

Worship Team / Choir Of The Year

Acceptance Quote: “This is the making of the Lord.”

Live Band Of The Year
Zidi The Band

Gospel Radio Show Of The Year

Shangilia - Hope FM

Gospel TV Show Of The Year
One Voice – NTV

Acceptance Quote:
“This is the making of the Lord.”

Radio Presenter Of The Year
Lucy Wa Ngunjiri - Kameme FM

Acceptance Quote: “I know God hears me. I owe this to You.”

DJ Of The Year

Acceptance Quote: “I Dedicate This to God. Thanks to all those who have supported me since Pilsner Mfalme.”

Pwani Song Of The Year

Jina La Yesu - Marion Shako

Acceptance Quote: “To God be the Glory. I would like to thank the people who made the song and the video Abedi and Muigai. I appreciate you.”

Rift Valley Song Of The Year

Taunet Nalel - Emmy Kosgei

Acceptance Quote:
“You have proved to the world and Kenya that you can sing in your mother tongue and still get the recognition and appreciation for your work.”

Western Song Of The Year

Bana Befwe - Hey-Z & K-Zee ft. Rufftone

Eastern Song Of The Year

Mutui Museo - Victor Mbuvi

Acceptance Quote: “Asi, I thank God, the fans who voted, my producer R Kay and Bosire. What I am is what Jesus has made me. Lets not stop making Jesus God”

Nyanza Song Of The Year

Yesu Kedo - Geraldine Odour

Acceptance Quote: “I honour God today. It’s not about me but him”

Artist Of The Year (Uganda)


Acceptance Quote: “I give all the glory and honour to the saviour of my life. Lord, we did it again. I would like to thank Isaac Ruccibigango of Limit X. I wouldn’t be here without him”

Artist Of The Year (Rwanda)
The Sisters

Acceptance Quote: “I’m Speechless. The first thing I would like to say is to thank God for everything because he has been good to our group. We are four in the group but the others couldn’t make it.”

Artist Of The Year (TZ)
Rose Muhando
Tanzanian Samwel Mkubwa picked it for Rose who wasn’t present.

Skiza Ring Back of the Year
Rose Muhando

Collected by Tanzanian songstress Anastazia Mukabwa famed for the gospel hit song Umenitoa Shimoni.
Acceptance quote: “We have recorded an album with Muhando that has not yet been released yet. We completed it a month ago and is titled Kaitu Kivue.”

East Africa Diaspora Artist

Kiki Mutungi - Atlanta (KE)
Not Present.

Artist Of The Year (BUR)
Fabrice Nzeyimana
Not present.

Outstanding Contributor
Mr and Mrs Japheth Kasanga