Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Kenya's fast rising star Amani denied the ongoing rumours that she is 'with-child'.
The Missing My Baby star denied that she was expecting and laughed off the claims. “I find it quite hilarious. I am not pregnant, not yet. My priority right now is my music. If I was pregnant I would be open about it, there is nothing to hide.”
Amani has kept her romantic life private so far and has repeatedly denied that she once dated Tanzanian bongo flava rapper AY.
Forget the new born child project, she is working on a new project that will see her take up the role of a an associate producer.
“Yeah, there are a couple of new projects apart from the new singles and later on a new album, I also got involved in a project for a film where I was an associate producer and it should be coming out soon. The film has both a foreign and Kenyan crew, all very talented.”