Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The movie, Law Abiding Citizen is a bloody thriller about the well planned vengeance plan of Clyde Shelton ( Gerald Butler) after he watched his family murdered. To make the already horrific situation worse, prosecutor Nick Rice ( Jamie Foxx) offers one of the suspects caught a lighter sentence for testifying against his partner, much to dismay of Clyde . A decade after loosing his family, Clyde orchestrates his elaborate game of revenge from inside a prison cell.
You can't help and root for Clyde as he turns into a maniacal killing machine as he leaves behind a bloody trail of murder. His shift from a helpless widower who is an underdog screwed up by the justice system is quick.
Clyde's role is played quite well giving the movie the much needed oomph but the prosecutor, played by Jamie is unconvincing. To start with, The whole situation was caused due by the deal made to let off one of the murdered in a bid to keep up his 96 percent conviction rate.
And through out the movie, you don't get the feeling of remorse at the miscarriage of justice. Even the mayor doesn't get what the bloodlettings is all about. In addition, then you don't even get to know who or what Chester does, a key character that uncovered Clyde's well laid out plans of revenge.
The details of his job history are revealed, during a secret meeting in a tunnel somewhere, late in the movie. however, the clever part of the movie comes from the cleverly rigged explosions and executions.
Law Abiding Citizen is rated R. If you haven't watched it, rush to your nearest video store or shop and get yourself the movie. Personally i hate the ending. Clyde was short changed big time.
Ratings : 4/5