Saturday, 20 February 2010


The best way to learn the history of a person is to go back to his roots. The Daily Nation ran a story on Hellon's mother Rebecca Owuor Onyango. Mrs Onyago speaks in awe of the son who `healed' her high blood pressure .
Hellon is smack in the middle of the Esther Arunga dramatic life decisions that saw her quit her job, break her engagement to her fiance a month before the wedding and isolate her from family and friends.
the tidbits i got from the story include stuff like, Hellon was a staunch follower of the Seventh Day Adventist and at age five he started reciting Bible verses while in Standard five.
The Saturday Nation wrote: "Hellon grew up in a world of poverty, a far cry from the glitter and pomp he lives in now. One can still see traces of his past life in his Kokuro village home, located a few kilometers from Awendo Town. His mother still lives in the semi-permanent house he grew up in. To supplement the support he gives her, she sells omena to her neighbours. His simba (traditional hut) stands desolate in the compound. He has not slept there for years and it is now used as worship place for his faithful."
the 35-year-old Jazz player learnt to play the sax at Starehe Boys Centre and has recruited all his family members into his church. His simba at the home is now being used as the church since no- body stays in it.