Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Nigerian brodas P Square were scheduled toperform in Las Vegas for the Valentine weekend but it has been canceled due to 'unattainable logistics in the city', the organiser revealed.
Take Over DJs in a statement wrote: "We regret to announce the cancellation of the P Square concert in Las Vegas. When we first heard the USA Sevens tournament moved to the entertainment capital of the world, we were excited for the new challenge & knew this year more than ever we had to step it up by matching the type of entertainment the city offers & so we worked to get P Square & managed to secure the deal but there's one thing we did not anticipate... LAS VEGAS. The city has proved impossible to attain realistic logistics by expenses, venues, permits & all, any event organizer or resident of the state can attest to that. We searched high & low, made countless contacts, went though dozens of meetings but the fact that the tournament is falling on Valentine's Weekend & President's Weekend it is simply one of their busiest weekends & no offer seemed reasonable. It was either charge the public $90 and above to make business sense of it or not do it at all & with the economic state of the country still shaky, it became more of a road block than a challenge especially since we refuse to compromise on quality.
This was an extremely hard decision to accept being that we have never canceled an event plus had invested alot to putting together this show, but in the end we believe it was the right decision to make. But just like anything in life, when one door closes, another opens and we are happy to announce our good friends at the HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO along with USA SEVENS have contracted us as the official entertainment company for the USA Sevens After Events taking place at the HARD ROCK where all the teams will be staying! We apologize for any inconveniences but look forward to hosting you in Las Vegas."