Monday, 22 February 2010


IN my very first piece about the Esther-Hellon cult/con saga in The Star. I alluded to the fact that the two were smack in the middle of a con scam.
They were zealous pawns used by a guy who had read up on them big time and knew everything about them.
He knew Hellon was a big believer of miracles and has always considered Benny Hinn as a spiritual mentor.
On Sunday i meet up with a source who know where Quincy Timberlake lived and had been his buddy for a year or so.
My source said,"Quincy always looked at Esther on TV and said she is a chic he would like to get with. During Project Fame, when we were having our boy talks, he would root for Patricia.Like most Kenyan jamaas he had a thing for Esther."
I also found out that Quincy has a wife with whom she has two sons with. They have been together for 11 years.
It is therefore funny that an email from 'Benny Hinn' asked Hellon to break Esther's engagement months to their wedding with Wilson Malaba.
Anyho, the wife was super shaken when i broke the news to her that Esther was on TV saying she is dating Quincy.
“Quincy is my boyfriend," she said,"You learn to love imperfect people perfectly.“
Just so you know Quincy has many aliases, when he was in Kanda King's band he was a Congolese known as Dezato, with the late Krupt he was Fizzle Dogg now with Hellon and comapny he is Quincy Timberlake, (a.k.a Zuma Wambita) a half caste of a South African mum and Luo dad.