Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Former England captain Alan Shearer put his boots back on during a trip to Kenya where he visited a Sport Relief and Premier League funded project, which cares for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The Newcastle striker took part in a match with the children over the weekend. The chance to play with the former hot-shot was a dream come true for the youngsters who are all avid followers of English football.
Before the match Shearer toured the Omega project, Kisumu that supports the children - with food, clothes, fuel and access to education all being provided.

After the game Shearer, said: "There are children here who have been forced to grow up way ahead of their time because of the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS.
"Kids as young as 14 and 15 looking after brothers and sisters half their age because they have lost both parents to the disease.
"Having seen how many of them are being given the practical help they need to cope by this project I really hope people will get behind Sport Relief next month."
As for his on-field performance, Shearer could not deny how much he had enjoyed having a ball at his feet again.
"It was fantastic to be able play with the lads here - you can see how much they love the game and what an important part it plays in their otherwise extraordinarily tough lives."
"There's some talent on show too and I had to really work to compete with some of them. I managed to sneak one in though and it felt just as good to score as it did during my playing days."