Saturday, 2 January 2010


The launch of the 2010 Campari Milano calendar which is an exclusive calendar with only 9099 copies printed was headlined by budding professional dancers, Sisqo.
The launch that was held at the Tribe Hotel in December revealed a picture story by world famous seductive actress Olga Kurylenko, the shots are set in Milan, where the Campari tradition has its origin. Olga represents the different sides of the Campari woman embodied in each shot.
Olga came to international fame as the character ‘Camille’ in the most recent James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which followed her success in films as diverse as Paris Je T’Aime, The Ringfinger, Max Payne and Hitman. She returns to the big screen in 2010 in the action adventure film Centurion, by Neil Marshall, and in the leading role in the Franco-Israeli thriller Kirot. She also will be seen starring in the role of ‘Ildiko’ Roland Joffe’s latest film There Be Dragons, currently filming in Argentina. Her future projects include a leading role in an yet untitled Terrence Malick project.
“It was a truly unique experience. I was delighted and intrigued by Campari's proposal: to play the Campari woman and interpret the essence of Red Passion. For me, Red Passion is a lifestyle full of vitality and confidence, it’s about feeling and expressing emotions. I have a great passion for life and for the work that I do, I enjoy being constantly active. For this reason, I feel a sense of affinity with Campari, which like me is dynamic, passionate and cosmopolitan.”
The Campari Milano edition is Campari’s eleventh calendar. In this set, the audience follows Olga as the city reveals itself little by little, and together with Campari creating the setting for every shot.
“Olga was a natural choice: an international actress, with great charm, grace, elegance and sensuality that represents the perfect incarnation of the Campari brand”, says Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari. “Olga is the ideal woman to embody and express the worlds, values and naturally the passion of Campari.”