Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Renewed attempts by Kenyan businessman to woo Bill and Hilary Clinton’s only child Chelsea are in top gear.
Godwin Chepkurgor has penned a two page long letter to Chelsea to be sent through the American Ambassador Michael Ranneberger on a ‘very private and personal issue’.
“I am still smitten. I have recently learnt through the media that my beloved lady is betrothed to someone else and that she plans to wed “this summer”. Sir, when is summer?” Godwin asks in the letter, “However, believe me sir; I am so happy for her. I wish her all the joy and success as she plans for the auspicious occasion and much happiness thereafter.”

He still doesn’t give up hope, he believe there is a glimmer of getting Chelsea by his side despite the engagement.
“In her internet posting, she says that she “hopes that all will be there”. When I noticed that, my heart skipped in hope and anticipation. Would that be her shy and polite way of inviting me? Is it so my good ambassador? If she beckoned and bid me come, tell her that I would walk out of any fortified den and walk across any lion infested savannah. I would swim across the Atlantic Ocean; conquer the dreaded pirates from Somalia and every brutal terrorist from Afghanistan. I will outwit and out swim all sharks and whales of any great sea and of the boundless ocean to deliver a rose to her.”
During Hillary's August 2009 visit to Kenya, businessman offered 40 goats and 20 cows for the opportunity to marry Chelsea Clinton. The offer was a renewal of an offer that he originally made during 2000. Hillary was amused but said that the decision would be up to Chelsea to decide, as she is "very independent".