Friday, 1 January 2010


DJ Last Born who cut his teethe with reggae outfit Black Supremacy and formed his own outfit named after him has renamed his own entertainment unit and called Supreme Entertainment.
“He changed the name because he felt that it was to subjective. It’s like the unit was all about him and he wanted to change that school of thought and encompass all the other people he was working with,” his manager Cate Mukei said. “DJ Last Born is now past petty local shows and at this level the least he can do locally is co-operate functions and that’s why he changed the name of the company from Lastborn to Supreme Entertainment illustrating how major this will be.”
The change of name that was made two months ago is still yet to fall in place with DJ Last Born’s other plans for the unit.
“He is looking for good location for the DJ academy and once that has been bagged it will set off all the other mechanisms where he plans to sell his mix tapes and facilitate for his gig bookings online.”
He has joined forces with DJ Selekta Technic in his endeavours.
Meanwhile the DJ is set to perform in Stuttgart, Germany on November 28 alongside Nazizi, Wyre and Mr Lenny then head over to Norway and Finland on December 3 and 4 respectively.