Thursday, 3 December 2009


Busta Rhymes show in South Africa killed the love of the fans he had there.
Apparently, the American rapper kept his fans waiting for 13 hours until after 1am on the Sunday morning.
The fans who had flocked the Bay Summer Concert to see the international star were asked to relocate to another venue after waiting for hours the fuming revelers say the organizers didn’t have the decency to apologise for what happened.
Meanwhile, A Brooklyn judge agreed with Busta Rhymes that "Money Talks" he was
ordered to fork out Ksh5.625 to a fan who said the rapper assaulted him at a concert.
"It looks like we busted up Busta's rhyme," cracked lawyer Ron Hart, who represented the injured fan, Alex Duncan, a 32-year-old Albany resident.
Duncan had hoped to see another rapper, Fabolous, at the show on the SUNY-Albany campus in 2003. But Fabolous didn't show. Disappointed, Duncan said he stood up so he could leave as soon as Rhymes left the stage.
But his standing up drew Rhymes' attention, Duncan testified.
"You didn't hear me say, 'Get down?' " Rhymes asked.
"I don't got to move," Duncan replied -- and in an ensuing exchange, he added that he'd come to to see Fabolous, not Rhymes.
That seemed to anger Rhymes. "I'm not good for you?" he asked. Duncan says Rhymes then splashed him with one bottle of water and pelted him with two more. Also, he said, Rhymes' bodyguard punched him.