Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Mejja was scheduled for a one off show in Germany but that won’t be happening because of lack of proper travelling documents.
He was supposed to tour with Tanzanian singer Ray C for a December 5 concert in Hamburg then head back home for the Christmas holidays.
Our source close to the German promoter says, “After distributing flyers and posters and buying tickets for Ray C and Mejja concert, it has now turned out that Mejja does not even have a passport,” adding “It is the second time he keeping people waiting in Germany because of the same issue.”
The rapper’s handlers deny the allegations. “That is not the case. His travel plans and schedule to Germany conflicted with his December tour plans here in Kenya,” the Chief Operations Officer of Calif Entertainment Africa, Thomas Mahondo continued, “On the 5th he had already been booked for a show at Havana in Mombassa. And our goal as Calif is to make sure the artiste first builds a strong home base before he promotes himself abroad,” Thomas concluded.
In light of this the German promoters say they are looking to replace him with another artiste.