Monday, 7 December 2009


Nigeria’s Kevin was named as the winner of M-Net’s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION during Sunday’s stunning Finale (December 6)after a final week of voting by Africa’s audiences. The 27-year-old entertainer was chosen by the continent after outlasting 24 other housemates over 91 days in the BIG BROTHER house, to claim the massive USD 200 000 prize.

After evicting Nigerian Nkenna, Malawian Mzamo and Namibian Edward, Angola’s Emma and Nigeria’s Kevin were the final two housemates left in the REVOLUTION. After a tense wait, IK announced the name heard round the continent – Kevin! After Emma left the house and Kevin had a few moments to let the news sink in, he emerged victorious and joined IK on stage to share his joy with Africa.

“I feel like Obama!” was Kevin’s reaction to IK’s question about how it felt to win BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION. Shedding tears and waving his Nigerian flag, he said that he thought Africa had chosen him as the winner because he was born for TV. “I was made for this,” he said.

Kevin sank to his knees as M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi brought out his USD 200 000 cheque and wrote his name on it in front of him, making concrete the fact that he had won the game. Joined on stage by his family, the visibly-moved Nigerian danced and celebrated his success.

Kevin was the most popular housemate in the most countries, claiming 11 country votes (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Rest of Africa) versus 2 for Emma (Angola & South Africa), 1 apiece for Edward (Namibia) and Mzamo (Malawi) while Nkenna couldn’t claim a victory in any of the participating countries.

The show kicked off with IK abseiling into the garden before Jozi hip hop group Fresh performed in front of a packed studio audience. The 20 evicted housemates then joined him on stage in a stunning parade of colour as they waved their national flags. After a review of the first 30 days in the house, the evicted housemates performed a special dance number paying homage Michael Jackson – as they did so successfully during their “Thriller” task.

Bow Wow then performed his first track of the evening, nearly tearing the roof off the studio! Then it was time to reduce the Big 5 to the Big 4. IK took viewers into the house before naming Nkenna as the first housemate to be evicted during the Finale. The Nigerian said her goodbyes quickly before joining IK on stage and talked about her time in the house. Unable to pick a favourite moment from her time in the house, she revealed that she cried when Elizabeth was evicted because she hadn’t believed that Africa would vote to keep her in the house. Nkenna left the house with USD2997 in her money pot, claiming 5th spot in the REVOLUTION.

In a knockout blow, IK then took viewers straight back into the house to immediately evict another housemate. After a tense pause, he announced the next name – Mzamo. The Malawian waved off the attention of her fellow finalists, telling them she would see them “just now” outside the house. Joining IK on stage, she told Africa that she hoped the continent had kept them in the game for so long because she is a genuine person.

When quizzed about her fight with Itai which saw her smash a pane of glass, she said she had grown frustrated when he wouldn’t listen to her and lashed out because she had gone past the point of crying. With that, she left and met her family on the edge of the stage, taking home USD1383 in her money pot. Bow Wow then took to the stage again, before IK headed into the house to surprise remaining housemates Edward, Emma and Kevin.

Emma declared that she felt anxious, nervous and excited. Kevin explained how he had focused on the game, saying that when he finally saw the female housemates, he immediately saw competition, rather than ‘women’. IK teased Emma about the fact that since Jeremy had been evicted, she seemed to have turned her attention to Kevin. “Kevin is my brother,” she told him. “I would love an elder brother, someone I can talk to about anything – Jeremy and Kevin are totally different and have totally different places in my heart.”

IK asked Edward who he thought shouldn’t have been in the final 5 with him. “Geraldine should have been in and not Emma,” he said, before agreeing with IK that he had no beef with the Angolan. Emma said that she would have preferred to have shared the final week with Paloma, Geraldine and Jeremy. Kevin still felt that he stood a chance with Elizabeth, but told Africa that he would be respectful of the fact that she is in a relationship outside of the house.

Edward told IK that he assumed the role of the resident prankster after sizing up the ‘prank potential’ of the other housemates and deciding he could have more fun.
After departing the house, IK had more business to conclude – the eviction of the 23rd housemate. After accepting the verified envelope from the Alexander Forbes representative, he announced that Edward would be the next housemate to leave the REVOLUTION.

Joining IK on stage, Edward talked about how much fun it was to be part of the unique Twin Twist. He declared that he had no regrets about any of his ‘save & replace’ decisions as Head of House. “No regrets whatsoever,” he said. “The show wasn’t about the money for me – it was about having fun.” Edward departed the stage – and the game – with USD2757 in his money pot.

The big moment had then arrived. Accepting the envelope from the auditor for the final time, IK turned to camera and announced to the waiting pair – and the continent – that Kevin was the winner of BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION.

“I told you, I told you!” said Emma, hugging the overwhelmed Nigerian. After sharing his joy, she left the house and joined IK on stage. Once outside, she told IK that she had told Kevin during the afternoon that he was going to take the money home. She left the stage with USD2998 in her money pot and joined her family.

After Kevin joined IK on stage and received his cheque, they pulled the plug on the REVOLUTION together – leaving the house in darkness as Kevin celebrated his success with the continent. Now with the Revolution ended, fans can relive the magic of the last 91 days by visiting for video, to chat with other fans and to read the stories about this most recent season of Big Brother Africa.