Sunday, 6 December 2009


Italian musician Tullio De Piscopo who started his career as drummer, singer and percussionist in the '70s will be in Malindi today for the first edition of the Music Festival for Children at the historic Sinbad hotel.
The event is part of the Malindi Protects Children Campaign, a joint effort from both the local community and the tourism sector to fight any form of sexual exploitation of children and to promote responsible tourism on the Kenyan coast.
Tullio rose to fame in the '80s as Pino Daniele drummer (the most popular Italian blues musician). About the festival he said, “It's a big honour for me to attend the Malindi Music Festival for Children. I think is a wonderful idea to promote children's rights through the traditional music, launching a solidarity message from Africa which is the origin of all the rhythms.” The event will also showcase a long list of big Kenyan musical celebrities, such as Achien'g Abura, Kayamba Africa, Nyota Ndogo, Bango, African Safari Sound Band, and unique performances from Jua Kali Drummers and Sarakasi.
CISP (International Committee for the Development of Peoples) and the Italian Cooperation, through UNICEF, fund the campaign.