Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Tusker Project Fame winner Alpha Rwirangira talked about his plans after winning the talent reality show Tusker Project Fame.
So what has he been up to in Rwanda? “That’s my land, you know,” said Alpha, “My family and friends had been waiting for me. I had to go and see my fellow Rwandese.” 
He also denied the rumour that he is going to hold a concert in Kenya with other Rwandese contestants. “I have no information about that,” adding that even after winning TPF, he is still a born again Christian and his music is going to carry a positive massage. However, Alpha wants to keeps the his plans a mystery. He was reluctant to disclose what he will do with the Sh5 million jackpot loot from the reality show or his upcoming projects.
“I can’t tell. I have a lot of things I have been planned and I’m going to be in Kenya for a long time.” 
Fine, so is he really related to AY? From the horse’s mouth, “Yes, he’s my blood cousin.”