Thursday, 12 November 2009


Kenya’s first science fiction movie Pumzi produced by Wanuri Kahiu was launched at the opening of the Kenya International Film Festival at the National Museums’ Louis Leakey Auditorium.
After the 29 minute-film was over; it was evident that the audience was wowed. Even Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, the chief guest of the night, was “at a loss of words.” He said, “Wanuri is a candidate for a Nobel Prize, she has taken Wangari Maathai’s concept a notch higher.”
To this Wanuri who had earlier on in the night described the making of the movie a “labour of love” said, “I would like Wangari to watch it because she inspired me.”
She dedicated the movie to her young niece Karimi who is part of Kenya’s future generation.
Pumzi is about Kenya at a time when water is a scarce resource and everyone lives inside Maitu community. The lead character Asha, a bald headed girl, works as a curator in the natural virtual museum. She is the only one who dares to escape from the community because she believes there is life on the outside.
Hollywood actor Giancarlo Esposito lauded Pumzi as “creative, very inviting and well shot.”
“The idea of it links a very dramatic idea to a reality of what is happening in the world. I think this is what film is all about. This is why I make movies to raise people from one consciousness to another to allow them to know that you may take for granted the glass of water you have to drink, but you shouldn’t anymore.”

Photos/ Duncan Ndotono

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