Monday, 9 November 2009


Sanaipei Tande’s latest release would have you thinking she is planning to take up philanthropy. The Kiss 100 presenter released Niokoe, a sad song about the dilapidated state Kenya is in, in the humanitarian department.
“I was inspired by the suffering of the children that's been there from time immemorial and from what I witnessed in the streets and on television. Images of people suffering in ways that can make your heart bleed. More so the fact that those who have the ability and responsibility to help are doing nothing about it. I needed to remind them of what's going on.”
Once you watch the video you can’t help but notice that the Najuta singer has taken a completely different tangent from the party and love songs she is famed for.
“First, let it be understood, that this is not a step in any direction that will define my style in music, it is simply situations that I see and to some extent experience that profoundly impact my life, and if I have the ability to bring the situations to light then I do and I will.”
So what are her future musical plans? “I'm in the process of transforming not only my music but my entire image; it's a whole-nother ball game next year.”