Friday, 20 November 2009


Kenyan actor based in America Edi Mue Gathegi is on the sequel of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Edi plays Laurent, a bloodthirsty vampire who feasts on human blood but gets killed in the end by other werewolves. It officially opens in US theatres tomorrow but the highly anticipated movie and its cast got a red carpet treatment on Monday on its Los Angeles premiere.
However, controversy is brewing over the 30-year-old actor being cast as Laurent. At the roundtable interviews during a recent press junket for the film in Los Angeles he said, “I saw that they (fans) were really disappointed in my casting because it was not a black vampire who was written in Stephenie Meyer’s mythology. But there was an olive-complexioned vampire. So I decided to address the issue head on and I said, ‘There are many different types of olive. I’m a black olive.”
Edi also plays Deputy Martin in My Bloody Valentine, his first lead role, which came out January 16. It is a 1980s horror remake and it is in 3-D. You also remember him well for his appearances as Dr Jeffrey Cole in the television series House.

Here is the trailer...