Sunday, 22 November 2009


Alex in front of the festival logo "Why Cinema Now?"

A Jitu Films production was screened at the European Film Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece on Wednesday 18. Chasing Moses is the only African movie being screened at the 50th edition of the festival on the Digital Wave section that supports young and upcoming filmmakers who make use of the digital technology. The movie was shot on location in Kibera slum and Olorigesaille.
The film’s director Alexandros Konstantaras says he will bring in a few Kenyan and Congolese students from the Thessaloniki University where his father teaches chemistry to experience a Kenyan movie. So far Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah has also participated in the screening of the movies at the festival that started last Friday.

Lizz Njagah poses with Alex Konstantaras at the the festival's offices in Olympion cinema

Alex, Lizz and Thomas Tsaparas (R2 actor) after a film screening

Lizz Njagah poses with Alex Konstantaras at the National Museum in front of some ancient Greek statues