Monday, 9 November 2009


Radio Jambo’s Programmes Controller Carol Radul took up a new role as the host of a weekly show on Supersport Select called Simba Super Soccer.
“My role entails hosting the weekly show that focuses on what is happening in local football, and in particular the Kenyan Premier League. I have a permanent co-host - football analyst James Wokabi - who has been doing the show with Bernard Otieno for over a year. Each week we have a guest or two to discuss the games of the past weekend and look forward to what’s coming the next weekend,” Carol said.
The football enthusiast got the hook up when she was approached by the show’s producer Mark Moss and asked if she was interested in the position after the former presenter Bernard Otieno moved on. “Mark, his business partner Fareed Khimani and the shows executive producer, also Supersport Head of Africa, Gary Rathborne, asked me to give it a try. If I do a good job in the preliminary shows, then we take it from there.”
If you liked her on the show last night, you will be seeing more of her every Wednesday night at 9pm, with a repeat at 11am.
Carol, who has been fighting for the recognition and fan interest in the Kenya Premier League (KPL), said that the support is still dismal. “But with investors like Supersport, there is hope. Supersport beams the KPL to Africa and that in itself is growing interest in the league. They also pay the league for television rights and that means clubs have some money to use to keep afloat. Most of the issues that affect Kenyan football, don’t directly affect the KPL, but the national team and youth development more.”