Monday, 26 October 2009


Mtv Africa Music Award winner Nameless featured the very hot female act Habida in his single Sunshine.
Like every other person, one would like to know how does his wife, Wahu handle this collaboration to the smashing damsel. Click here if you don't know her.

Laughing, the MAMA award winner for Best Female Artiste Wahu said, “That is hilarious and a lot of people ask me that.”
Wahu and Nameless have been married for four years and have a daughter Tumiso.
“I think one of our best qualities in our marriage is that we are both in the same industry and I understand what the business is all about I understand this business. I’m not insecure and besides Habida is such a nice chick. I wish her all the best in terms of what she is doing musically.”
Wahu, who has always supported female entertainers added, “I always encourage women, I’m usually like, ‘Yeah, the more women in the industry the better’. As for me understanding the closeness in the video, it is the same way he understood when I did a collabo with Bobi Wine, I’m doing a collabo with AY and Nameless wouldn’t stand in my way or get insecure about that. Because he understands the business.”
So there you have it, all is well in the Kamoni household. You as in, David Mathenge Kamoni and family.