Thursday, 15 October 2009


One of Jua Cali’s dancers Cynthia Nyagothie turned down a chance to say to some dubious director “I’m ready for my close up”.
Cynthia is seething from anger after some stranger offered to pay her well to act in a blue movie. The offer was made to her via Facebook by a person calling themselves “Mick” offering “a lucrative amount” to star in his next porn movie.
“He inboxed me, asking if he could use my photos for the cover of a porn DVD after I starred in it, and that he would pay a very good amount for it,” Cynthia said.
“I replied, telling him I could press charges. I asked him how sure he is that he is not even propositioning an underage girl” Cynthia raged. “Mick” then apologised saying ‘he was just doing his job that is where he gets his bread from.”
Cynthia and Toxic make up the Intoxicating Dancers the official dancers for the King of genge, Jua Cali.