Friday, 11 September 2009


Lady charmer Faycal Birikunzira will soon be in Kenya for the Idol East and Southern Africa reunion tour.
The tour dubbed Ziki Idol Blast will go down on September 18, will give the 2008 Idols a chance to prove they are real Idols show their fans what they have been up to.
It was therefore a bit of a contradiction when he took part in another music reality show, Tusker Project Fame 3, during the Rwanda audition phase.
Faycal said, “One of the judge gave me a call asking me if I could join so then the people will get interested and maybe by the time Tusker might come back people will have had an idea on what is all about and join as many as possible.”
Faycal has already done a number of tracks one of which is a song about the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda featuring Nameless, jail bird TID, Blu3 and Kidum.