Friday, 25 September 2009


Teddy Muthusi the evicted Kenyan contestant was the first to leave the Big Brother house after only five days. In a telephone interview Teddy said, “I thought I would last longer, I did not even cross my mind. I did not pack my bags till the very last minute,” he said.
The now jobless advertising genius said even as the ladies were being ushered to the house, “I was numb, I was still asking myself ‘what do you mean I’m out?’,” adding, “here goes an edge I would have used to my advantage.”
Teddy reckons that he became an eviction candidate because of his long diary session.
“Now that you ask that, it might have been the things I said. Done differently I would have told Big Brother the things that made me laugh and not about the housemates. I forgot I was also talking to their countries.”