Thursday, 3 September 2009


Jamroo Entertainment Ltd will host Jamaican singer Wyndel Edwards aka Gyptian backed by Mafia& Fluxy Band based at the United Kingdom from September 30 to 11 October 09.
The dual is set to perform on October 2 and 3 at Nairobi ASK DS Club International, the third shw will be in Meru town on October 4 and on Moi Day, October 10 Gyptian will have the final show which will be an electrifying reggae beach party at Mombasa.
For the first time, Jamroo Entertainment shall host a three-day reggae concert in December 2009 bringing together over ten Europe, Jamaica and Africa artists. Jamroo executives are in negotiations with the following Jamaican artists: Anthony B, Determine, Bennie man, Teflon, I-Octane and House of Reggae band Australia. Kenyan fans have requested for Queen IfriKa and pop singer Neon.