Thursday, 24 September 2009


The promoters who organised Jimwatt’s trip to Germany have broken the silence and addressed the rumours about the baby-faced rapper’s admission to a hospital in the European country.
After Calif Record Camp stuck to a ‘No comment’ on the issue, the Kenya Development Associates (KDA) – Germany and Jiikaze NGO led by Phillis Gruesges gave an explanation on what ailed the Under 18 rapper.
An email sent by Mickie Ojijo, the KDA Secretary, states: “Jimwatt suffered a severe bout of headache due to environmental change, common not only to artistes making their first trip to Europe but to most people in general. As a result he was forced to cut short his German tour and Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL who was on her way from Kenya to Oslo stepped in to continue with the promoter’s programme.”
Addressing the hospitalisation rumours, Mickie added: “Rumours being circulated by charlatans masquerading as stars in Germany that the singer is insane in a rehabilitation centre are unfounded. James is relaxing and rehearsing for his new songs to be launched later this year. He will be in Nairobi soon to enlighten you further on his programme.”
KDA is an association for Kenyan professionals, students and businessmen and their German counter parts to discuss issues pertaining to education, development, trade, culture as well as political reforms process in Kenya.