Sunday, 22 March 2009

Nakaaya flown into Kenya for the Patricia Show

As Kenyans and the rest of the world were watching Nakaaya Sumari’s interview on CNN’s Inside Africa on Wednesday morning, Nakaaya was on a plane to Kenya from Dubai. The bongo songstress was with ‘friend’ rapper M1 of Dead Prez in Dubai and they had been expected to travel together. However, the controversial American rapper couldn’t come to Kenya because he was booked show this weekend in Brooklyn.
Anyhow, our source claims that the makers of the Patricia Show paid for her flight to facilitate for her Wednesday morning appearance on the M-Net show. The new show, was shot on location at Film Studios, Nairobi. It will feature various artistes like Sauti Soul, Lam, Harry Kimani among others.
CNN’s David McKenzie in Dar es Salaam interviewed the Bongo songstress, who just recently got signed by Sony Music during a five-minute slot. The Mr Politician hit maker is currently shopping for possible collabo partners in the country.