Thursday, 16 October 2008

Remember the story…

The one where Raga Locks - Luciano's nephew - slapped around – okay not really but almost slapped …or did slap) a female radio Presenter, Sister Locks when he was in Kenya a few weeks ago? Well, an eye witness who was at the VIP Tent backstage confirms it. This is what she had to say.

“Hi, Im an avid reader of your ‘Word Is’ segment and yep just read the segment on Luciano's nephew beating up Sista Lucy, well i beg to differ with the were a little mis informed about what went down.for your information this so called Sista Lucy is a well known Groupie..i mean this woman is a nutt case, she always manages to get wind of all the reggea artists coming ,their hotels and all hell will break loose.I dont exactly go for the Reggea concerts but i have a few of my boys you have told me enough stuff about her.Apparently this chick all over sudden will demand that no mama comes close to em,act like their galfriend and this particular night twas no different.My channel O pals were tryna take pictures with Ragga locks and she came right infront of the guy who wa tyrna take it n was like no you aint taking it with my man...since when!the dude(Ragga locks just came in on Thursday?)and hes already Sista lucy's man?Ragga tried being polite,told her to move but being the physho she is clearly the dude had to do what he had to do pushed her away!i aint the beat up the chick kinda woman but this woman deserved it!shes an embarrasment to the Kenyan women!
Luciano wasnt amused either he was mad at the woman,e said she was being a bother so you can inmagine the number of Reggea artists who have left singing the same tune....thumbs down for sista lucy.,or is it groupie nutty”