Wednesday 8 May 2019

Yung K the newest breed of female Deejays

Small in stature but a big heart is the way we would describe Stacey Wanjiru a.k.a DJ Yung K. The local talent originally from Ruiru but plied her trade in Lamu local bars has had a humble rise to fame. She is part of a rare breed of Kenyan female Deejays in country that is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry.
Beginning her deejaying journey in her aunt’s floating club in Lamu, DJ Yung K horned her skills and slowly gaining a name for herself in the local Lamu scene before moving back home to Ruiru. She quickly switched gears to her new environment getting gigs in her small clubs in Ruiru clubs and Thika environ. Her big break though came through the just concluded Smirnoff Battle of the Beats Competition.
Being the only female participant in the competition, expectations from the beginning were quite high as she was meant to carry the mantle for females in the industry. Week on week Stacey validated her position in the competition with energetic and skilful performances surprised most by moving onto the latter stages of the competition. On her journey, she got rave reviews from acclaimed DJ’s like Joe Mfalme, Xclusive and PierraMakena for her skill, energy and professionalism.
Following her stellar performances on the show, she has taken the same exuberance into her new projects as she plans her next big movesin Kenyan deejaying space.
Currently a resident DJ at the newest club in town, Milan Yung K attributes her current success to her determination, work ethic and belief in her ability, the future looks bright for this up and coming female Deejay in Kenyan music industry
The immediate future DJ Yung K is a country wide tour with a group of DJ’s and long-term future she would love to own her own studio to provide a platform for music lovers to fulfil their dreams

Humble Zack taking the DJ scene by storm

Popularly known as Zack the Maestro by his growing fan base, the local talent from Mombasa,has been lighting up the Nairobi club scene with his electrifying performances on the DJ decks.Ever since swapping the sandy beaches of Mombasa for the night life of Nairobi Zack has never looked back and now embracesthe bright lights and cameras as a fully-fledged Club and party Deejay.
Against the odds and overcoming several obstacles the humble Muslim boy started out as a dancer moving between Nairobi and Mombasa for two years looking for his big break. During his travels, he rubbed shoulders with several artists and influential players in the music industry slowly gravitating towards his passion that is Deejaying in 2015. This new-found passion quickly set him on a path to being a finalist in the recently concluded Smirnoff Battle of the Beats DJ competition.
“I have been an entertainer for three and half years now. Starting as a dancer in Mombasa, I slowly discovered I had more to offer than just dancing. It has never been easy for me since I moved to Nairobi but my passion and hunger to learn and master the art has pushed me on to this point in my career. He explained
Throughout the DJ competition, Zack set himself apart from the rest of his colleagues due to his dynamic skill set, natural charisma and professional approach to every task storming his way to finals where he was pipped narrowly on a final fan vote taking the overall runners-up position.
Buoyed by his stellar performances on the DJ competition, Zack has taken off literally with he’s recently ended tour in Kampala, Uganda getting rave reviews from his shows the future seems bright for this young Kenyan’s new entertainer. Locally he plays at the Marquee lounge and XS Millionaires Club as resident DJ among his other projects. Watch this space for the new kid on the block and expect him to be “hitting a club” near you.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Kenya Breweries Land Promotion-Jijenge Na Ka-Quarter Winner

Brian Nyanchongi from Ryosambu Nairobi shows off his ¼ acre of land won during the ongoing Kenya Breweries Land promotion-Jijenge na ka-quarter. 10 lucky consumers will become land winners as part of  KBL’s continued commitment to enhance the consumer experience through impactful and innovative value propositions.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Scams

By Harish Chib, VP MEA Sophos

Phishing is one of the most common attack vectors for hackers who exploit end-user behavior as the weakest link in an organizations cyber-defense. For years, criminals have disguised attacks in email and today we see phishing emails as a primary delivery method for ransomware payloads. Phishing emails have led to massive data exposures, which caused major reputational and financial damage in the private and public sector over the last few years. As cybercriminals continue to prey on employees through their technology, they are always taking measures to be one step ahead. In an organization all it takes is one employee to take the bait.
Phishing attack prevention: How organizations must protect itself from getting hooked   
Stop threats at the door
The best defense against phishing emails is your email gateway. Email protection is your watch guard, blocking 99% of unwanted email at the gateway, including malicious attachments, content, and URLs - long before an end user ever sees them.
Web filtering is another must-have as a front-line defense, filtering and blocking infected URLs should your users click an email link. And file sandboxing ensures those nasty malware laden downloads get removed from the threat chain early on.
Protect your weakest link: users
Even with the best upfront filters, attacker methods such as BEC – with no executables or links to detect – may still get through. Appropriate training and education is critical for ensuring that all your employees know how to spot and deal with these types of email messages.
Secure your last line of defense
If your click-happy end users inadvertently unleash potent, powerful malware onto your systems, there’s still ample opportunity to stop the damage – and even reverse its effects. Next-generation exploit prevention solutions will identify, analyze, and neutralize the effects of even the most advanced, unseen malware out there, and automatically clean up all trace of infection so you can get on with your day.
Know your business
Make sure your company processes are understood, that you encourage employees to question requests that seem out of character from other employees and senior managers, and perhaps most important of all, ensure you have a two-stage approval process for all significant fund transfer requests. All the defenses in the world aren’t going to stop an employee from unknowingly sending large payments to a thief without some proper checks and balances in place.
Phishing is a problem that will not go away. But you can be more cautious and train yourself to look for giveaways that will tell you if you have visited a phishing website. Cybercriminals will continue to take advantage of opportunities as long as they are getting their money. The fight is challenging but it’s something we can win.