Tuesday, 24 April 2012




Coca-Cola Central East and West Ltd launched a new campaign drumming optimism in Africa dubbed the “A Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa

The Pan African campaign is geared towards inspiring Africans to see the brighter side of their continent and use their capabilities to fuel positive change.
 “For many years, the world has portrayed Africa as dark, hopeless and stricken with disease, conflict and poverty. People, and particularly Africans, are tired of this image because the continent has a lot of positive news to offer,” said Coca-Cola Kenya Country Manager, Rocky Findley. 
“There are close to a billion people in Africa and we believe that each of them has a reason to believe in the continent. We plan to capture and share these reasons across the continent in order to inspire all Africans to turn things around and be proud of the continent they live in”. 

The colorful event held in Athi River, saw all guests transported by train to the iconic African Heritage House-one of the most photographed houses in Africa. The house is situated in the vast savannah with panoramic views of the Nairobi National Park.  
“The African Heritage House represents the hope and optimism that is Africa,” said Findley. “With its combination of architectural styles from across the continent to the prominent personalities hosted here such as the late Wangari Mathaai and model Iman who had her first photo shoot here, it is just one more reason to believe in the Africa and there are many more to share.” 

Through the campaign, Coca-Cola hopes to fully unlock the meaning of happiness in the context of African Youth by going beyond offering people the worlds favorite refreshing drink, to influencing how African youth understand themselves in relation to the continents ideals. With the future of Africa resting on this younger generation, the Company plans to use teenagers to transmit positive African messages.
“Not only are the youth considered our future leaders, but they are also the most optimistic people on the continent. Throughout this year, we will be recruiting African teens as Believe Reporters so that they may lead us all on the path to positivity on the continent,” said Findley.
“We will provide various platforms for them to share their positive African stories and experiences thus fueling pride in continent and all it has to offer. We are ultimately creating one massive positive voice. That voice is the true AFRICA.”
The campaign will be brought to life through traditional advertising on TV, radio and Billboards and in-trade marketing materials such as posters wall branding as well as interactively on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and the blogosphere.