Wednesday, 6 December 2017

President's Designer Carol Pulei Wins Stylist Of Year Award 2017

President’s designer Carol Pulei,is the 2017 stylist of the year Thanks to everybody who came in numbers to vote for her.

Kenya has a rich history in the fashion industry, particularly clothing and textiles. This dates back to early 1900s. Our ancestors were involved in spinning, weaving and knitting. Most of us remember our great grandmothers teaching us how to knit scarfs, socks and sweaters. Tie and dye was also common. Some of the fabric was sold locally while others were exported to the international market. In 1990s, People began to notice the industry and slowly but surely, it attracted private investors. Established designers began to nurture upcoming ones and
provided a platform for them to showcase their products through organizing runways, gala dinners and awards.

Carol Pulei came into context early 2017,through the famous president’s shirt to her this was not the first styling she did,she has been a stylist to top political and business leaders and to many governors she is household name. This led her to dress biggest gospel artist in the world Don Moen,as if this is not enough,she recently scooped as stylist of the year award at English Point Marina,competing againist legends in fashion,organized by Pwani International

Fashion Week Awards through Shado Events Company. “Carol Pulei is just getting started,to me I see Diane Von Fustenberg, in her the wrap dress that made Diane dominate the world in fashion. Carol is a serious visionary and works through great ambitions ,working with her has been such an experience just tell her on your marks,she is already taken off.”says her publicist Kendi Perpetual.”she deserved the win.

Carol Pulei went to social media to comment “ We made it” photographed alongside her friends with one of the attendees being the Mombasa Real Estate mogul Mwenda Thuranira.

As the year ends, all eyes are on carol Pulei lets to see what she has instore for 2018.
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