Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The New Novel KISUMU Is Finally Here. Grab Your Copy!

Pandpieri, Kisumu. 1970s. Otis Dundos is a shy and awkward kid. He is just another wee-wee bare foot, horny-toed boy growing up with his dusty feet and bare chest having fun with dangerous adventures. In the ‘80s, then, as a man-boy he tries fit in. 

He is more an archetype than a flesh-and-blood person. He tries to observe and remember, now, as a young adult, to commit the memories to music in a lively and extensive fashion.  Providing a catharsis through comedy, lancing the lakeside city’s moral boil with satire, Kisumu tells the life ordinary men and women trying to live the Kenyan African dream. It’s is a story of humble beginning, awkward and misdirected fumbling and miraculous accomplishment.

Kisumu  was always a slobbering, panting, salivating hotbed of anticipation and drooling expectancy. Kisumu is as much a town of problems as it is a town of drama, subdivision of fantasy.  Drama? Dreams? Did he change Kisumu musically? That’s not the issue.  The issue is for all his efforts, guitarist Otis Dundos always had bigger problems here in Kisumu like everbody else.