Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kenya Fashion Awards Holds Its Nextgen Fashion Weekend 2017

Kenya Fashion Awards (KFA) an initiative which honors and celebrates outstanding performance and excellence in the fashion industry last weekend held its 3rd edition of NextGen Fashion Weekend at the Michael Joseph Center – Safaricom.
NextGen Fashion Weekend is an initiative by Kenya Fashion Awards that involves training, practical sessions, competitions among others for young and upcoming talent in collaboration with internationally recognized brands and professionals with a vast knowledge and experience within the respective areas of interest.

The 2 day event provided a platform for Upcoming Designers and Fashion Design Students from different colleges and universities across the country to showcase their designs and creativity as well as compete. The winners were selected through a judging process and will be announced at a gala ceremony to be held on 7th October 2017.

Ms. Galina Tatarinova, Co-Director of Kenya Fashion Awards said: “Kenya Fashion Awards is raising awareness of the importance of the development of this economic sector by running business/talent development programs designed to support, mentor, empower and create opportunities for the next generation of professionals within the industry. We believe in empowering and creating a foundation for the young and upcoming talent within the industry in establishing their careers or businesses. ”

The event through the designs showcased highlighted emerging designers’ creativity and fashion sense. NextGen Fashion Weekend aims to create a fair opportunity for every emerging designer in the industry to have a moment of experience, to be in the spotlight, and build confidence.

Mr. Atman Ngau, Co-Director of Kenya Fashion Awards said: “There’s hope, this is the future of fashion; we would like all the participants to experience taking this as an inspiration and an opportunity to jumpstart their career. For many of the participants this show forms the basis of their career and beyond.” 

The youth exhibit a natural creative curiosity and inventiveness as seen in the music, film, fashion and craft that they are successfully engaged in. As the creative industry grows there is a need for clear guidance so as to reap from the industry.
The creative economy is an evolving concept based on creative assets embracing economic, cultural, social and technological aspects. It has linkages at macro and micro levels with the overall economy, hence an important development dimension that can foster economic growth, job creation, export earnings while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development.