Tuesday, 18 July 2017

R. Kelly Reportedly Holding Girls Against Their Will in a 'Cult'

In what is being dubbed a parent’s worst nightmare, reports from several parents have come forth with disturbing details of R&B idol R. Kelly and his alleged abusive, sex-crazed cult where he’s operating straight out of his home.

Now that these parents have shared specific details on their reports, including multiple women being held against their will, violently abused, and forced into sex, the hair-raising accusations are rapidly arriving at the public forefront.

According to a lengthy, in-depth report from BuzzFeed News, parents whose daughters have been taken under Kelly’s wing have been involuntarily initiated into what they’ve declared a “cult.” 
Testimonies from the parents allege that he operates these “cults” from his properties in Chicago and Atlanta, detailing his heinous behavior and daunting conditions that the women have been forced to undergo. The Chocolate Factory singer has reportedly taken on complete mind control tactics to keep the women under strict control such as taking away their personal cellphones to replace them with his own purported for communication with him only and trapping them inside of the homes. From controlling what they are allowed to eat, wear, and when they are allowed to sleep or use the bathroom all the way to forcing them to call him “Daddy” and requesting permission to leave their assigned rooms, parents are fearing for the lives of their daughters under Kelly’s alleged dictatorship. He also reportedly forces them to have sex as he films. But that isn’t even half, or the most shocking, of the allegations parents have brought against Kelly.

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