Friday, 14 July 2017

Maisha Magic East Launches 3 New Local Productions

Maisha Magic East has launched three new locally produced shows that promise to keep audiences glued to their screens throughout the week, this July. 

The three shows, The Turn Up, Pambio Live and Jela 5 Star, are among the 15 local programmes lined up by Maisha Magic East in the year 2017/18.

The Turn Up is a new 2-hour music show that has the latest hit music bangers from across East Africa. Hosted by Amina Rabar and DJ Joe Mfalme, the show is a new secular live music mix which brings to TV all the latest and best music from East Africa every Saturday between 12 noon and 2pm. The show is designed to bring a unique club and party experience right into the living rooms of audiences. Special studio appearances from top class musical acts from East Africa will also feature on the show including celebrated Kenyan dance units and experiential concert storms.

Pambio Live on the other hand, is the illest gospel music mix show currently on air.
The 2-hour gospel music mix show is produced by the father of gospel music shows in Kenya, renowned music producer Arthur Kamau (Arthur K) and hosted by popular musician Size 8 and DJ Ruff. 

Chris Foot, the Chairman of the Kenya Film Commission, while speaking at a recent local content summit organized by Maisha Magic East encouraged this initiative by MME saying, “It is quite encouraging to see the broadening of placement of local content on cable TV such as we are witnessing on Maisha Magic East. This is a great opportunity for the creative economy to invest in creation of more local shows to spur economic growth. The audiences are thirsty for good quality shows and as the entertainment industry grows, we should take the opportunity to serve audiences with more of what they want.”

Pambio Live will include a live studio audience. The format will be that of a live video mix, panel session and host interaction. Pambio Live will also feature interviews by both local and international gospel music artists. 

Not forgetting ‘Jela 5-Star’, a dramatic comical production scripted around a short hold prison bringing to life situations that can be tragic as they can be hilarious.
Featuring in the show is Madam Melba, a woman who runs a male correctional facility, but is not one to back away from a challenge. Her glorious past as a member of the Prison Service Boxing Team makes her a fierce disciplinarian, but beneath her tough exterior is a soft and humane personality. 

Bollywood producer, Shyamashis Bhattacharia who visited the set before the launch of the show said, “It is impressive to see the level of production in the Riverwood industry. The set of Jela 5 Star tells the real story of a Kenyan prison setup that any viewer can understand. Even as a foreigner, I am able to tell what happens in a local prison. Shows such as these will surely propel the local production industry to compete with shows from Bollywood as they give viewers the real picture of a day-to-day life that they can easily understand and interact with.”